Annual release of Catcher’s Mitt IBL this Friday 10/5!

Hello all,

This Friday CATCHER’S MITT India Brown Lager returns on tap at both locations as Major League Baseball’s division playoff series get under way! This annual autumnal release has been quite popular and the ’18 batch is showing considerable potential. A couple of years ago Bryan Richgels of the Mason Lounge asked me if I’ve ever heard of an “IBL” (I hadn’t) and suggested that we brew one and indeed we have! Weighing in at 7% abv, Catcher’s Mitt is kind of like a fairly hoppy American Brown Ale (or more accurately an India Brown Ale as IBL implies) fermented with lager yeast so it has a nicely clean/crisp finish. Nicely dry-hopped with Amarillo, too. All hail October baseball with Catcher’s Mitt!

And, as tough as catchers’ mitts have to be, this batch of Catcher’s Mitt has overcome a very badly timed (temporary) breakdown of our glycol chiller, leading to (very) warm fermentation temperatures for three days. As a result ’18 Catcher’s Mitt is a bit higher than the target of 6% abv and a tad more fruity. So, also all hail Wyeast Labs’ California Lager yeast strain, which more than admirably handled the inadvertent very high fermentation temperatures for a few days.