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Harpy American Strong Ale release party

Saturday, May 9th 4:00PM

Hoppy Wednesday all and greetings from the Parched Eagle!

Our Madison Craft Beer Week event is coming up this Saturday May 9th and you are invited!

Harpy is the first specialty beer we’re brewing at the Parched Eagle and is a new recipe by Head Brewer Jim Goronson. Harpy is an American Strong Ale, in this case (roughly) a double Amber Ale that is rich, malty, complex, and damn hoppy! A bit devilish at about 8.2% ABV. Inspired by the likes of Stone Double Bastard–one of Jim’s favorite beers!

The pilot batch I brewed in January turned out so well we decided to make it the first specialty beer brewed here.

We’ll begin pouring chalice glasses of Harpy at 4PM. Come on by! We open at 11 that morning for lunch and will be pouring Harpy from 4 to midnight.

Looking forward to seeing you here.


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Grand Opening this Thursday April 30th!

Thursday, April 30th 3:00PM

Hoppy Monday all,

Yes we are very pleased to announce our official GRAND OPENING this Thursday April 30th!! Doors open at 3PM and we’ll be open until 11: our normal Thursday hours. What a great way to kick off Madison Craft Beer week the day before it officially begins!

On the heels of our very well attended soft opening this past Saturday (and thanks to everyone who came!) we will have our five year-round beers on tap:

  • Crane Ale APA
  • Janethan Robust Porter
  • Parched Eagle Golden Ale (kölsch)
  • Verily Belgian Dubbel


Our grand opening will also be the debut of our flagship beer: HOP-BEARER IPA! Hop Heads of the world unite for this one.

Our food menu will also be making its debut on Thursday!

This has been a LONG TIME coming and we’re really looking forward to seeing you here!

Jim and Tom

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We’re finally opening: details here!

Saturday, April 25th 7:00PM

Hello all,

Yup it’s been a long up and down roller coaster like ride but Tom and I are super excited to announce that we are finally opening! Details:

Our “soft opening” is THIS SATURDAY NIGHT April 25th 7-12PM! Four of our beers on tap, no food, no growlers to go, and probably a bit of pardon our dust. Also THE KISSERS are playing at 8PM!

Our beers for the soft opening:
  • Crane Ale APA
  • Janethan Robust Porter
  • Parched Eagle Golden Ale (Kölsch)
  • Verily Belgian Dubbel

-AND- we’ll also have bombers of three different gluten-free beers from our friends at Greenview Brewing!

I’ll do a separate post for our big GRAND OPENING next Thursday April 30th soon!

Hope to see you here this Saturday night!


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New Recipe: Harpy American Strong Ale

Hoppy New Year everyone!

Speaking of (pretty) hoppy, tomorrow I’m going to brew a pilot batch (on my homebrew system) of our new recipe Harpy American Strong Ale.

What’s an American Strong Ale, you ask? Here’s what Ratebeer says about it:

“Not a style, per se, but a catch-all category to incorporate the plethora of strong, stylistically vague beers coming from American microbreweries today. Some are related to English Strong Ales, but with a higher hop rate, while others are ultra-strong variants on the IPA or red ale themes. No matter how varied their origins or characters might be, all are intense, potent, with generous quantities of hops and malt.”

Harpy will roughly be a double/imperial Amber (Red) Ale. Locally think of (say) a ramped-up Ale Asylum Ambergeddon. And for reference the inspiration for this beer is Stone Double Bastard, one of my favorite beers!

Harpy will have lots of dark toasted  (not roasted) malt character that will hopefully coincide nicely with a mélange of piney and citrusy hops. It will be complex and a tad devilish at around 9% abv.

If the pilot batch turns out well look for Harpy to be one of the first specialty beers brewed at the Parched Eagle in perhaps March or April!


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The Quest for Hops

Hoppy Tuesday everyone,

First I can happily report that the build-out for the Parched Eagle is well underway, on schedule, and we should be on track for opening by (hopfully) the end of February. We’ll keep you posted!

As Head Brewer one of my tasks during the build-out phase is to order brewing ingredients, with hops being at the top of the list! More specifically, certain hop varieties are in GREAT demand in the craft beer community, including three that we’ll use heavily: Amarillo, Citra, and Simcoe.

While I’ve been able to track down both Amarillo and Simcoe in recent days, Citra is proving to be the most elusive/in-demand. Why? Well, it’s one hell of a unique hop that has no single substitute. Also, it’s proprietary i.e. is only grown at a few farms in the Pacific Northwest. Here’s a link to Hop Union’s description of Citra:

To my senses Citra lends mango-like aroma and flavor along with fruits that Hop Union mentions: grapefruit, melon, lime, gooseberry, passion fruit and lychee. Citra and Amarillo combine to provide a wonderfully deep aroma profile for Hop-Bearer so hop heads: please wish us the best of luck in scoring some pounds of Citra in coming weeks!

Mosiac is a newer hop variety that’s a good possible substitute for Citra with a similar tropical fruit profile but guess what? It’s as hard to find as Citra.

Worst case scenario if we can’t  score any Citra is combining Amarillo (another GREAT aroma/flavor hop) with the likes of Ahtanum, Falconer’s Flight 7 C’s, Australian Topaz, and maybe something else. It’s a hell of a quest, this quest for hops!

Hoppy Holidays,

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