Triumphant return of COLLAB WEIZENBOCK this Saturday June 30th!

Happy Summer all,

This Saturday June 30th at 3PM at both locations we welcome the return of COLLAB WEIZENBOCK! The first batch was a collaboration with our buddies Working Draft Beer Company and was a smash hit at both of our locations when released in mid-February, lasting for less than a week. Then it was one of the most popular guest beers on tap for Working Draft’s opening days. So, we’re excited to have this wonderful wheat ale back on tap next weekend.

Weizenbock is a cool style: a true melding of Dunkles Bock and Weissbeer with rich Munich malt character coupled with the hallmark banana and clove of Weissbeer yeast strains. This batch is showing a ton of promise and will be about 7% ABV. Also Collab Weizenbock is the second in our series of three wheat beers we’re releasing in a row this summer: in between WESTPORTER WEISSE Berliner Weisse released last Friday and SIMDROME American Wheat Ale that we’re scheduling to be released on Friday July 6th.

Ein prosit!


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