2XGSB Imperial ESB release this Friday 4/14!

Next Friday at 3 we debut a brand new beer: 2XGSB Imperial ESB! This beer is the imperial version of our acclaimed ESB Grainne’s Special Bitter. More English malt, more English hops, more of everything with similar hallmark balance! Initial tastes of this new creation that was suggested by a regular customer has this brewmaster excited! This beer will be upwards of 8% ABV and a serious new addition to our beer portfolio.

Expect plenty of biscuity Maris Otter base malt character coupled with caramel malt notes backed up by 50 IBUs of balancing hop bitterness with delicate and pleasant mint, grass and floral tones from Fuggles hops.

Common Chord then takes the stage at 7:30! Common Chord is a collaborative acoustic ensemble spearheaded by artistic directors Michael Bryant and Tracy Jane Comer, both of whom are singer/songwriters and multi-instrumentalists.

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