Adios, Auf Wiedershen, I’m moving on…,

Hello all,

I’m stepping down from my role as President/Brewmaster of the Parched Eagle. I’ve accepted a full time job with a locally-owned company which is a very good opportunity for me. I’m leaving the industry as far as any official capacity is concerned.  I need to do so for physical and mental well-being as running the Parched Eagle for the past eight a half years (including the extreme circumstances caused by the pandemic) has taken quite a toll.

This is my last week bar tending so I’ll be behind the bar Wednesday through Saturday starting at 3PM each day. Please come by to say hi and have a beer or two!

Our intrepid bartender/art director Cathy is taking my weekly Wednesday-Friday bar tending shifts so we’ve got those covered starting Wednesday August 2nd.

Diann and I brewed Hop-Bearer IPA on Monday and it will be our official beer release for our big Great Taste Eve Party! Having our flagship beer since day one (and the beer that I’ve brewed by far the most) seems quite appropriate given these circumstances. We’ll also be at the Great Taste and this will be our seventh time pouring our beers at the greatest beer festival in the universe!

We’re also going to brew Pegboy Pils on Saturday August 5th and will take it from there. So, while I’m stepping down from my full time role, I’ll stay involved a bit behind the scenes, as it were.

Cheers to eight and half years!