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First-ever Brewer’s Blog post/Belgian Dark Strongs

Welcome to the Brewer’s Blog!

I’m Jim, Head Brewer/President of the Parched Eagle. I’m damn excited about this project in general and (right now) this blog post in particular.

Looking for an investment opportunity? Feel free to contact me at or 608-204-9192.

OK got the business out the of the way. The Brewer’s Blog should be about beer/brewing, right? Let’s get to it then…,

…So I’m going to have a Belgian Dark Strong Ale tasting with Vice President/Operations Manager Tom and our buddy Geoff. The pilot batch of our Stella Belgian Dark Strong Ale will be tasted alongside Gouden Carolous Cuvee Van de Keizer, either Rochefort 8 or 10, Unibroue Trois Pistoles, and maybe Lost Abbey Judgement Day. A trek to Binny’s in Highland Park, IL yesterday to find Westlereven 12 and Achel Extra Brune was sadly not successful. That’s OK, we’ll make do. 🙂

My tasting notes so far on Stella (which is four months old) is its RICH sweet maltiness will probably most resemble the huge malt bomb that is the Gouden Carolous, with said caramelly malt sweetness taking center stage with some hints of raisins in terms of dark fruit esters represented in the background. We’ll see! With future batches I’ll raise the fermentation temperature to encourage the development of said dark fruit esters.

Speaking of which, I predict that Unibroue Trois Pistoles will be up there with any of ’em in terms of the esters profile (and profile in general) you look for in this wickedly delicious style! I “heart” that beer, including its reasonable price at local liquor stores.

Anybody had Kasteelbier Bière du Chateau Donker? The Binny might have had that one (I saw some of their beers), but I didn’t notice that it’s on the BJCP list of commercial examples until after we went there. Alas!?

Style tastings: one of the rigors of being a brewer. Sigh…


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