Blue Milk Belgian Blonde Ale release party at our Taproom this Saturday 8/19!


Next Saturday heralds the release of a brand new beer at the Parched Eagle Taproom at 1444 E. Wash: BLUE MILK Belgian Blonde Ale brewed with lactose sugar! The release of Blue Milk coincides with the installation of a new Star Wars pinball machine at Maria’s next door and is (of course) a Star Wars reference (think Episode IV). Blueberry extract is an option if you want Blue Milk to be blue!? Initial tastes showed much promise and it will finish out at around 6% ABV.

Also from 5 to 8 the excellent PICKLE JAR food cart will be outside serving up their excellent BBQ and pies! Art In also has this going on that night:

Blue Milk will only be available at the Taproom as it’s a special beer brewed for the new pinball machine installation occasion. Meanwhile that same day Burgeoning Goth Queen Oatmeal Stout, the house beer for the Taproom, will be making its official debut at our Westport Brewhaus starting at 2!