Happy New Year -AND- January Beer Releases!

Hoppy New Year everyone!

I hope all had a good holiday season and I’m happy to report that we have a lot of good beer to look forward to in January.

For starters on Friday January 11th our namesake Parched Eagle Golden Ale Kölsch returns on tap at both locations at 3PM! The last batch in the fall didn’t last very long and the batch currently fermenting is showing much promise. Our official “lawn mower” beer, our Kölsch is good for drinking at any time of year with its well-balanced combination of subtle aromas and flavors adding up to a light yet full-flavored light golden ale.

Then the following Friday it gets (much) bigger:

On Friday January 18th we proudly have our first beer release party of 2019: Bourbon Barrel-aged Geronimo Imperial Stout! The people have spoken and our answer will come on Friday the 18th as this is the first bourbon barrel-aged version of our popular Imperial Stout Geronimo! It’s been aging in a Buffalo Trace barrel at our Westport Brewhaus since December 3rd and is coming along VERY nicely. By the time we release it on the 18th it will be deliciously barrel-aged for 45 days. Expect a beautiful mix of dark roasted malts/roasted barley, caramel malts with dark fruit esters and significant hop bitterness in the finish with complementary bourbon aroma and flavor to go along with warming alcohol notes! Also stay tuned for updates on the possibility of a limited release of bombers of Geronimo on or around the 18th! Meanwhile it will be on tap at both locations at 3pm on the 18th.

Next up on Friday January 25th the two versions of our flagship Hop-Bearer IPA will be on tap at 3PM at both locations for our Hop-Bearer Smackdown party! It’ll be the original (“classic” or “OG” to some regulars) version double dry-hopped with Citra and Amarillo hops “against” the version double dry-hopped with Mosaic and Amarillo that we first released last September. Votes will be tabulated and Hoppy New Year!

Then on Tuesday January 29th a very special beer that we released last February will return on tap: Jamie the Magnificent Eisbock! In December 2017 we collaborated with our good buddies the House of Brews to brew an Eisbock in honor of our dearly departed comrade Jamie, who died in January 2017. Jamie was a lover of big malty high ABV ales and lagers so an Eisbock seemed like an appropriate beer to brew in his memory. That batch turned out great and the batch currently fermenting (which is the non-collab Parched Eagle version) is fermenting quite nicely!

Looking ahead to early February is my birthday party that will be on Tuesday February 5th at our Taproom at 1444 E. Wash and will feature a “little” beer called Gluten Tolerant Wheatwine.

Meanwhile we have some damn good beers on tap currently at both locales (including Rökig Öl Rauchbier, Decemberfest Munich Dunkel, and Sweetness Imperial Sweet Stout) so come on by!