Our Great Taste Eve Parties this Friday 8/11!

Happy Great Taste of the Midwest week all!

Yes the best beer fest in the universe is right around the corner and we’ve got three special releases making their collective debut for Great Taste Eve on Friday at our new Taproom at 1444 E. Wash (and at our brewery in Westport)!

When we open at 3 we’ll have all three on tap along with several other sumptuous selections: Old Sugar rum barrel-aged Brookie’s Sour Brown Flanders Oud Bruin, Templeton Rye Barrel-aged Cherry Brookie’s Sour Brown, AND Homie American Barleywine!

The barrel-aged sours have been aged for 11 months. Plenty of Brettanomyces was pitched into our Old Sugar rum barrel and a substantial sour character has developed in recent months. Hints of “barnyard” and “horse blanket” along with a lovely red wine acidic character and oak notes from the barrel along with hints of rum.

The Templeton Rye barrel we bought already featured a Lactobacillus infection so “Lacto” combined with plenty of “Brett” to add layers of acidic complexity coupled with an infusion of cherries last fall! There’s also a definitive oak character from the barrel along with some rye spiciness and a bit of smoke, presumably also from the barrel.

Both are 7.6% abv.

And now on to HOMIE American Barleywine! 93 IBUs and it features locally-grown Centennial hops for flavor and aroma. A huge malt character up front balanced by all those IBUs and except plenty of citrusy Centennial hop character in the aroma. It was at 10.2% abv when last checked over a week ago: hopefully it’s crept up to its 11% target! This is very much a FRESH American Barleywine featuring plenty of hop character to go along with tons of delicious maltyness.

I’m excited about all three special releases!

Metropolitain Food Cart will be on hand from 5-8 serving their delicious New Orleans street cuisine and our partner Art In has this going on: http://www.artinmadisonwi.com/event/vein-rays-gentle-brontosaurus-marty-finkel/!

Two of the special releases will also be on hand at our brewery in Westport starting at 3 that day (Templeton Rye Brookie’s Sour Brown and Homie American Barleywine).

I’ll be behind the bar in Westport from 3 to 6 then will head straight to the Taproom to celebrate Great Taste Eve!



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