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Here’s a post with a long title, and it’s about llamas!

The llama is a quadruped which lives in the big rivers like the Amazon. It has two ears, a heart, a forehead, and a beak for eating honey. But it is provided with fins for swimming. Llamas are larger than frogs. Llamas are dangerous, so if you see one where people are swimming, you shout… Look out, there are llamas!

This blog post was assisted by Earl J. Llama, Mike Q. Llama III, Sy Llama, Merle Z. Llama IX, 40 specially trained Ecuadorian Mountain Llamas, 6 Venezuelan Red Llamas, 142 Mexican Whooping Llamas, 14 North Chilean Guanacos (closely related to the llama), Reg Llama of Brixton, 76000 Battery Llamas from the “Llama-Fresh” Farms, LTD, near Paraguay, and Lorenzo.