Reasons to be cheerful (and thankful), pt. 1!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve all,

Yeah paraphrasing the classic song by Ian Drury & The Blockheads seems quite appropriate today as this week the Parched Eagle secured the financing needed to take flight next February!

We’re starting our build-out process next Monday and are hopful that we can open in early February. MANY things need to go right in order for that to happen but we’ll see and it’s a good goal to shoot for. We’ll keep you posted, including updates on the build-out process (particularly in January as we install our brewing system and bar and start brewing).

Are Tom and I thankful on this Thanksgiving Eve: damn right! We’re thankful for all the great people who have been involved in helping the Parched Eagle get underway during our long start-up phase. I’ve been thinking this for months: we’re surrounded by such great talent we’ve GOT to make it happen, and we will!

The Parched Eagle will be located in Westport at 5440 Willow Dr. Ste. 112. Just west of Northport Road off of County Rd. M. We’re taking over the former Bunky’s Deli & Catering space: it’s cool and I can’t wait to see it transformed into the Parched Eagle!

Hoppy Thanksgiving!