Verily shall Verily Belgian Dubbel return Friday 12/8!

Greetings all,

I write this while caffeinating on this chilly Thursday morning before heading up to our Westport Brewhaus to keg a new batch of Verily Belgian Dubbel. This year-round beer for us has been 2017’s proverbial problem child with the last two batches we brewed during the summer not turning out well, leading to us pulling them off tap lines at both of our locations.

Why did they not turn out well? Because I used unhealthy yeast for both batches so it was my fault and for that I apologize.

With that said I’m excited about this new batch and have been telling our newer bar tenders who haven’t had a good batch of Verily yet to get ready! Not only did I use healthy yeast this time I also switched from Wyeast’s 1214 Belgian Ale to its 1762 Abbey Ale II, which is the strain I use for Stella Belgian Dark Strong Ale. Simply put I feel that 1762 is (has been) a more reliable performer for us. Speaking of Stella look for it to return on tap within a couple of months!

BUT before that we have the return of Stella’s “little” brother Verily! Checking in at 7.8% abv, verily shall Verily return on tap our E. Wash Taproom tomorrow 12/8 and at our Westport Brewhaus as soon as a tap line opens up there (i.e. it’s on deck).