Reasons to be cheerful (and thankful), pt. 1!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve all, Yeah paraphrasing the classic song by Ian Drury & The Blockheads seems quite appropriate today as this week the Parched Eagle secured the financing needed to take flight next February! We’re starting our build-out process next Monday and are hopful that we can open in early February. MANY things need to […]

Happy Great Taste week!

Hoppy Monday everyone, Yes, happy Great Taste of the Midwest week! The Great Taste is taking place next Saturday Aug. 9th at beautiful Olin-Turnville Park here in Madison and is quite simply a great craft beer festival! In fact, no less than Larry Bell, founder of Bell’s Brewery, told me in 2006 that the Great […]

The Parched Eagle wants YOU (to invest)!

Greetings all, Tonight I’ve got my President of the Parched Eagle hat on as we are in need of a few generous investors to make the brewpub a reality next fall! The Parched Eagle Brewpub will raise $250,000 for the construction of the brewpub and first year of operations. $50,000 will be from investors and […]

No champagne

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or girly drinks

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