Profoundly Hoppy (and I’m profoundly grateful)

Hoppy Saturday afternoon everyone,

OK this is a report-back on my last post about double dry-hopping the pilot batch of our flagship beer Hop-Bearer IPA, which I’m currently sipping (and smelling). I can report that double dry-hopping works in terms of adding depth of hop flavor and some aroma, adding to my perception of Hop-Bearer as being PROFOUNDLY hoppy. There’s a sense of hop flavor throughout the taste experience, while the aroma is almost bursting with mango-like citrus character from the copious amounts of Citra hops used for both late boil additions and double-dry hopping in secondary fermentation. I say almost bursting with Citra hop aroma because I actually expected a little more. That said, it’s really quite aromatic in a wonderful citrusy way. Moving forward with production batches of Hop-Bearer I’ll try double dry-hopping with both Citra and Amarillo (or maybe Simcoe, which I use for bittering for this recipe) and will add them at different temperatures to extract different oils.

While Hop-Bearer is certainly bitter, it’s really more about hop flavor and aroma, which I’m a big fan of. Hops are not just for bittering (to state the obvious)!

Meanwhile, I’m profoundly grateful for all of the contributions to our crowdfunding campaign so far! THANK YOU to everyone who has and will contribute. We’ve got a long ways to go to reach our goal and 26 days (plenty of time) to get there. Reaching our goal will represent a big step forwards in terms of hopefully being able to open the Parched Eagle this fall so your contributions are VERY important. Check out the campaign, including the cool perks we’re offering, at: