Jamie the Magnificent Eisbock release party Tuesday February 27th!

Greetings all,

Yes next Tuesday is the release of a very special beer which will also conclude our series of big/dark/malty winter beer releases. The release party is being held at our Taproom at 1444 E. Wash starting at 3PM when we open.

Last December we collaborated with our good buddies the House of Brews to brew an Eisbock in honor of our dearly departed comrade Jamie Cowles, who died in January 2017. Jamie was a lover of big malty high ABV ales and lagers so an Eisbock seemed like an appropriate beer to brew in his memory. Brewmasters Page and Jim collaborated on an excellent recipe that took forever to ferment in our 2.5 barrel Psychobrew fermenter that was just part of the epic saga that the creation of this beer turned out to be. Elegantly smooth and dangerous at 9.2% ABV, we hope you’ll be able to join us at the Taproom on Tuesday 2/27 for the release of this ode to Jamie the Ice Man!

Jamie had his Tuesday night drinking club: hence the release on a Tuesday. We anticipate many members of that august group will be in attendance.

Join us for details on this the most difficult beer to create in Parched Eagle history! I’m brewing that day but plan on getting to the Taproom from the Westport Brewhaus by 5:30-6.

Ein prosit!


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