Return of Sweetness Imperial Sweet Stout tomorrow!

Hello all,

Tomorrow (Friday the 7th Pearl Harbor Day) heralds the return of SWEETNESS Imperial Sweet (Milk) Stout, our smash Black Friday release last year! This beer didn’t last long at all at either location last year so we brewed twice as much this year and this year’s batch has turned out quite well and finished out at 8.1% ABV.

Brewed annually for football season and named after the brewmaster’s favorite player ever (Walter Payton), Sweetness is rich, creamy, smooth, dark and dangerous. No matter what team you root for, Sweetness is a delicious dessert beer for the holiday/football season! Sweetness will also be on tap at our Westport Brewhaus at 3pm next Friday. As a Sweet Stout is definitely not for the lactose intolerant.

Meanwhile, only was Walter Payton one of the greatest football players ever, he also started a brewery in the 90s! According to Wikipedia:

“In 1995, he and several partners purchased a Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad roundhouse in Aurora, Illinois. The property became known as “Walter Payton’s Roundhouse“, hosting a restaurant, brewery, banquet and meeting facility, and museum. In 1999, the property received an award from the National Trust for Historic Preservation.[43] The beers brewed at the Roundhouse received awards in the 2000s.”

So, come on in to either location to enjoy the official dessert beer of the Parched Eagle: SWEETNESS Imperial Sweet Stout!