Utopian Imperial IPA fall release party w/Carley Baer this Friday Nov. 11th!

Greetings all,

Yes our Imperial IPA–UTOPIAN–will be back by popular demand this Friday November 11th and will be on tap when we open at 3pm!

I can report that this the third batch of Utopian is probably the best yet. It has reached the target ABV of 9.9% and will be very freshly kegged on Friday before we open! Another reason why this batch is showing much promise is a change in the dry-hopping roster. I substituted six ounces of Chinook with six ounces of Simcoe for the seven days before transferring to brite tank dry hop addition last Thursday 11/3 (and for reference this is a one barrel batch). Six ounces of Amarillo were added on Sunday for the four days before transfer addition.

I’m a long time fan of Chinook as a good all-purpose hop with fine bittering and aroma/flavor characteristics but I don’t think it adds much in terms of dry-hopping. Simcoe, on the other hand, adds all sorts of yummy dank-ness!

So come on by this Friday for the release of Utopian at 3pm. We also have the excellent Milwaukee singer-songwriter Carley Baer performing at 7:30!

Hop Heads of the world unite!