Westporter Weisse (Berliner Weisse) 2018 release party this Friday 6/22!

Happy Summer all!

Friday June 22nd is the 2018 release for WESTPORTER WEISSE Berliner Weisse! Kettle soured for two days and inoculated with Greek yogurt, this seasonal favorite returns just in time for the beginning of summer! Berliner Weisse is the main style of sour beer from Germany, is elegantly tart and most refreshing/quaffable, and was dubbed the “Champagne of the North” by Napoleon’s troops in 1809 as they marched through Berlin. And as they do in Berlin we’ll have a shot of either Woodruff, Raspberry, or Blood Orange syrup on hand to balance the substantial sourness of Westporter Weisse. That said: I prefer Westporter Weisse without any of the syrups. It will go on tap at both of our locations at 3 (though the Westport Brewhaus “only” has Woodruff and Raspberry syrups).

From the BJCP 2015 style guidelines:

“A very pale, refreshing, low-alcohol German wheat beer with a clean lactic sourness (from the Greek yogurt with ours) and a high carbonation level. Has been described by some as the most purely refreshing beer in the world.”

I’m quite excited by how 2018 Westporter Weisse is turning out. In fact: I’ve NEVER been so excited about the release of a beer that’s less than 4% ABV! Also the release of Westporter Weisse on Friday is the first of three wheat beer releases we’re doing in late June/early July. Next up is COLLAB WEIZENBOCK at the end of June then SIMDROME American Wheat Ale in early July.

All hail the beginning of summer with Westporter Weisse!

Ein prosit!