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Milkhouse Radio Friday January 15th 8pm!

Friday, January 15th 8:00PM

Milkhouse Radio is the Madison area’s newest string band, specializing in bluegrass, but ringing the rafters with country, blues, and fusion covers of whatever strikes them right.  With banjo, guitar, fiddle, mandolin, upright bass, and a wide range of vocals, they bring a fast-paced, high lonesome classic bluegrass sound  mixed alongside a growing number of MR originals right at home beside the classics.  Whether on State Street during a Saturday farmer’s market or on the auditorium stage, their toe-tapping shows deliver on their mission to keep Dane County and the cows entertained.

We look forward to hosting Milkhouse Radio for the first time FRIDAY JANUARY 15TH starting at 8PM! They’ll do two sets and as always no cover. Cheers!

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Parched Eagle Flight Status Five Months in

Hello all,
The Parched Eagle opened on April 30th, a little over five months ago. Our product has been well-received from the start and everyone seems to like the ambiance of the space. That said, from a business perspective, it has been touch and go. We have had a couple of good sales months and a couple of really slow ones. Overall we have been just breaking even, but September didn’t quite make it into the black. We will be looking at some cost savings measures, but many of our costs are fixed. That leaves us with increasing sales. We have noticed that events like special beer releases bring in a much bigger crowd. Live music events at the Parched Eagle have been especially enjoyable and well attended, so we plan to do more of that (including Maury Smith & the Orchestra Bordenave tomorrow night!). While our food has been well-received, the food sales haven’t been hitting the mark, so we are looking at changes in that area. We may do away with the costly and time consuming sandwich bar, and go with locally made pizzas. We will definitely continue to offer pretzels, as this has been our most popular food item. We will also likely continue to offer the sausage and cheese plates. We know that visibility is an issue at our location, so we are looking at our signage options. Of course we are all about the beer and with our small system we run out of batches of any particular beer fairly quickly. We are looking at increasing our production in the short term and our capacity as soon as feasible. Longer term we are looking at getting our product into stores and other bars around town.

How can you help? Obviously coming in for a beer and bringing lots of friends is a good start. Word of mouth is always important for a small local business like ours, so please tell your friends (and family) about us. We have noticed the high ratings you have been giving us on untappd and we are honored. We also want to hear from you about how we can serve you better, your ideas for offerings or events, or people and other businesses you think we should know about.

We are passionate about making outstanding beer, but it doesn’t mean anything without you there to enjoy it. On our back bar we have a bumper sticker from the Brewers Association that states “Support Your Local Brewery”: that fits us to a tee! We need the grand community of craft beer drinkers to come through our front door in order to prosper (and make more and more great beer in return).

Jim and Tom, co-owners

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Hoppy July!

Friday, July 17th 3:00PM

Hello all,
Yes we’re having a hoppy July here at the Parched Eagle and all you hop lovers are welcome to join us! In fact TODAY, Friday July 17th, we’re having the special release party for a brand new beer: UTOPIAN Imperial IPA!  Clocking in at 107 IBUs and 9.7% ABV, this huge beer is a marriage of Maris Otter and Crystal malts, Demerara sugar, and waves and waves of Simcoe, Chinook, and Amarillo hops!

We’ll also have live music that evening by singer/songwriters Les Hoffman and Barney Decker:

UTOPIAN will be on tap when we open at 3 and live music will start at 7. We also have our flagship beer HOP-BEARER IPA on tap along with CRANE ALE APA and from our buddies at Next Door Brewing ROCKETS RED ALE. Rest assured that we also have sumptuous non-hoppy beers on tap for you non hop heads

Hop Heads of the world unite at the Parched Eagle! The summer is a great time of year for crisp, refreshing, hoppy beers (and stronger/less crisp hoppy beers, too).


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It’s Saison, umm, Season!

Hello all,
Yes the arrival of summer means that it’s the season for one of my favorite beer styles: Belgian Saison (aka Farmhouse Ale).

Saisons are complex: fruity/tart, spicy, a tad bitter, and with just enough malt backbone to support everything else going on. A good adjective for Saison is effervescent as it elegantly proceeds down through the taste buds. A high level of carbonation adds to the effervescent feel.

Today we’re releasing Saison DuRok: a beer that we’re quite excited about! We used the zest from a bag of organic Valencia oranges along with 5.5 ounces of ground Indian coriander as the spices for this brew, which has fermented quickly and fully to a hearty 7.1 % ABV!

Brewers: we use Wyeast’s French Saison yeast for Saison DuRok. I’m a huge fan of that yeast strain and strongly recommend it.

Here’s a little background on the style from

A seasonal summer style produced in Wallonia, the French-speaking part of Belgium. Originally brewed at the end of the cool season to last through the warmer months before refrigeration was common. It had to be sturdy enough to last for months but not too strong to be quenching and refreshing in the summer. It is now brewed year-round in tiny, artisanal breweries whose buildings reflect their origins as farmhouses.

Stop on by the Parched Eagle soon to have Saison DuRok on tap!


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An APA called APA for No Crap on Tap this Sunday!

Sunday, May 17th 4:00PM

Greetings all,
Yes I brewed a special American Pale Ale called A Public Affair, named after WORT Community Radio’s mid-day news/talk program, for WORT’s annual block party this Sunday on the 100 block of MLK Blvd!

So, it’s an APA called APA, the common abbreviation for A Public Affair at WORT, where I worked for several years as Listener Sponsor Development Director. Last year my former co-workers at WORT cleverly suggested I brew an APA called APA, and I’ve been all over it!

Recipe-wise A Public Affair is considerably different than our year-round APA Crane Ale, with different grain and hop bills. They are similar in clocking  in at about 42 IBUs (International Bittering Units), but one striking difference is my use of Sorachi Ace hops for dry hopping as opposed to Amarillo for Crane Ale.

Sorachi Ace is unique in the lemony citrus character it provides for flavor and aroma. I haven’t used Sorachi Ace before and am looking forward to that lemony character for the APA called APA!

Hope to see you at the WORT block party’s famous No Crap on Tap beer garden this Sunday! The party runs from 11AM to 7PM and I hope to get there around 4 or 5. APA will be tapped around then.


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