This Holiday Weekend’s Beer Releases

Greetings all,

As we head straight into the crescendo of the holiday season I’m happy to report the return of two popular beers of ours this coming weekend! To wit:

This Friday December 21st features the annual release of DECEMBERFEST Munich Dunkel for the Winter Solstice! Dunkel is the classic brown lager style of Munich which developed as a darker, malt-accented beer in part because of the moderately carbonate water (which we also have at our Westport Brewhaus). It’s definitely one of my favorite lager styles. Decemberfest has a rich chocolatey malt character that will warm you up on a cold December night!

Then on Saturday the 22nd CRANE ALE, our mainstay American Pale Ale, returns on tap at both locations after a long hiatus! We had big plans for Crane Ale earlier this year that have been delayed, hence not brewing it for several months (since last February, actually). Excellent artist David Mueller did the artwork for our big plans for Crane Ale (bottles or cans) that will hopefully happen in ’19! Meanwhile the beer: a slightly better behaved sibling of the flagship Hop-Bearer IPA, this pale ale dials down the hop-punch and lets the lightly sweet maltiness feature a little more prominently. An exercise in perfect hop/malt balance (i.e. hops first). Double dry-hopped with Amarillo and locally grown Centennial! Crane Ale will be on tap at 2pm at our Westport Brewhaus and at 3 at our E. Wash Taproom. Hoppy Holidays!

So, come on by either (or both) locations this weekend to kick off your Christmas jocularities!




Rökig Öl Rauchbier release party Friday December 14th!

Greetings all,

Yes we’re releasing one new beer in ’18: Rökig Öl Rauchbier that we’re releasing on Friday 12/14 at both locations! I’ve never brewed a Rauchbier before I’m pretty excited about how this one is turning out. 20% German smoked malt (from Best Malz) in the grain bill. Really nice balance with the base dark amber lager malt character and 6.2% abv.

Vice President Tom Christie came up with the name and it means smoked beer in Swedish (harking to brewmaster’s ethnic heritage). So, come on by either location starting at 3 next Friday to try our last new beer for 2018!

Come on by!




Return of Sweetness Imperial Sweet Stout tomorrow!

Hello all,

Tomorrow (Friday the 7th Pearl Harbor Day) heralds the return of SWEETNESS Imperial Sweet (Milk) Stout, our smash Black Friday release last year! This beer didn’t last long at all at either location last year so we brewed twice as much this year and this year’s batch has turned out quite well and finished out at 8.1% ABV.

Brewed annually for football season and named after the brewmaster’s favorite player ever (Walter Payton), Sweetness is rich, creamy, smooth, dark and dangerous. No matter what team you root for, Sweetness is a delicious dessert beer for the holiday/football season! Sweetness will also be on tap at our Westport Brewhaus at 3pm next Friday. As a Sweet Stout is definitely not for the lactose intolerant.

Meanwhile, only was Walter Payton one of the greatest football players ever, he also started a brewery in the 90s! According to Wikipedia:

“In 1995, he and several partners purchased a Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad roundhouse in Aurora, Illinois. The property became known as “Walter Payton’s Roundhouse“, hosting a restaurant, brewery, banquet and meeting facility, and museum. In 1999, the property received an award from the National Trust for Historic Preservation.[43] The beers brewed at the Roundhouse received awards in the 2000s.”

So, come on in to either location to enjoy the official dessert beer of the Parched Eagle: SWEETNESS Imperial Sweet Stout!




Update on Parched Eagle operations in 2018

Greetings all,

I’m writing today to update everyone on the Parched Eagle’s 2018 so far as we head straight towards the end of the year. Basically, from a business perspective it’s a been a tale of two years within one so far:

From the beginning of January through mid-May sales were quite good and we were in the black, starting with an outstanding first quarter (as winter is interestingly our busy season).This culminated with our two anniversary parties in early to mid-May for both of our locations.

Business was so good that in April we were literally running out of beer at both locations as our one barrel brewing system was unable to keep up with demand (a proverbial good problem). So, we pulled the trigger on a two barrel system, which has been serving us quite well as we have gotten the system dialed-in.

We were also planning on having a new contract brewer start brewing 20 barrel batches for us in mid-June, starting with Crane Ale APA. This would have included six packs in bottles.

However as soon as the weather became consistently warm in mid to late May we experienced a precipitous decline in sales (at least 25%) that lasted through the summer and into the fall. We usually experience a lull in the summer, but this year has been especially difficult. This included ill-timed equipment failures in late summer.

As the weather gets colder sales are picking up but, honestly, we are in a financial hole here in mid November. This means that we can’t afford to have a contract brewer come on board for us to help get our products out in the marketplace (a central business goal for this year).

How can you help? Come in to either of our locations to drink our beer! Sounds easy/fun enough, huh? Another way to help is to spread the word about us. We don’t have much of a marketing/advertising budget so word-of-mouth is an important outreach tool for us.

I am quite happy with the beers we have on tap at each location this week, including the return of our namesake  Kölsch last Friday. This is arguably the best batch of our Kölsch yet and nicely rounds out the tap selection at both locales:

Parched Eagle Golden Ale Kölsch

Catcher’s Mitt India Brown Lager

Alferd Black Rye Imperial Saison

Utopian w/Mosaic Imperial IPA

Hop-Bearer w/Mosiac IPA

DIPAer Danky Double IPA

Burgeoning Goth Queen Oatmeal Stout

–Something for everyone, we think (hope). Next up for Black Friday: a very limited release of GERONIMO Imperial Stout at both locales!

And, on Saturday evening our charming Taproom at 1444 E. Wash was visited by fine folks from The Old Fashioned restaurant. They posted this outstanding comment on Instagram on Sunday:

“A shared space. It’s a weird space. But here, it’s about the beer. It’s not about hipster food, rooftop views, retro swag, carefully designed crowler labels, or anything promotional. This place is an epitomization of the full rejection of the phony commercialism currently shrouding beer culture. Here, they lead with exceptional beer, and it stops there.”

I shared this with my main business partner Tom and our outstanding bartender Robert yesterday: we all agreed that this comment sums us up perfectly! To it I add that within the context of our no frills yet nice/comfortable/friendly environs at each location a nice sense of community exists. So, please do come on by!




Happy Hoptober!

Rainy October Wednesday greetings all,

This October takes on a Hoptober feel for us starting tomorrow (Thursday October 11th) with the triumphant return of DIPAer DANKY Double IPA on tap! First released on 4/20 this year, DIPAer Danky was a smash hit and didn’t last long on tap at both of our locations. Expect a beautiful mix of dank, resiny, citrusy hops (Chinook, Simcoe, Mosaic, Rakau and Citra) coupled with a fairly significant malt backbone and balancing hop bitterness. The double dry-hopping combo of Rakau and Citra adds a wonderful lemongrassy/dank aroma. It finished out at 8.3% ABV.

DIPAer Danky is my homage to two classic DIPAs: Russian River’s Pliny the Elder and Heady Topper from The Alchemist!

It will be on tap at our Taproom (1444 E. Wash) at 3pm and our Westport Brewhaus at 4pm.

Next up for Parched Eagle Hoptober is the return of UTOPIAN w/Mosaic Imperial (Double) IPA! Our original DIPA is slated to be back on tap at both locations on Friday October 19th. This huge beer is a marriage of Maris Otter and Crystal malts, organic fair trade Demerara sugar, and waves of Simcoe, Chinook, Amarillo AND Mosaic hops! 9% abv and 107 IBUs.

Our original plan was to have a Double IPA Smackdown event with both these beers on tap on October 11th but issues with Utopian’s fermentation have dictated a delay for a week. What it comes down to is this: the yeast is in charge until it’s done doing it’s job. That said both will be on tap starting on 10/19 for smackdown tasting purposes! Sounds fun, huh?

THEN the following Friday (10/26) our flagship HOP-BEARER IPA returns on tap! And yes once again it’s Hop-Bearer w/Mosaic as the first batch with Mosaic hops in place of Citra (for flavor/aroma along with Amarillo) was an absolute smash hit at both locations and will be back by popular demand to round out our Hoptober releases.

Hop Heads of the world unite this Hoptober!